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Aluminium Treatment

On this page, we look at the treatment of Aluminium. Aluminium is notorious in industrial metal finishing for it’s alloys and the quality of any alloy will inevitably affect the finished product. Alloys with high silicon content can cause all sorts of problems, even for the most experienced plater; so don’t worry if you have issues - you’re in good company!

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Non Etch Aluminium Cleaner, 500g - £4.99

Non-Etch, industrial grade aluminium cleaner. Mild and safe to use on numerous surfaces, this product is non-corrosive and easy to use yet does not attack aluminium surfaces. An ideal addition to any home platers set up, particularly those who treat aluminium.

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Acidic Cleaner, 1 Litre - £12.99

A liquid acid product used for the removal of oxides, shop soils,

flux and welding spatter from aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

Etching & Anodising Products aluminium de smut

18G High Grade Aluminium Wire - £6.99

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 This Aluminium wire is exactly the same as that sold to large anodising companies around the country. This is of the highest quality and grade and a must for anyone treating Aluminium. Each length is approximately 6 metres.

aluminium de smut

Aluminium De-Smut, HyperBrite Deox AL

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Fast acting De-oxidiser / De-smut used as a post etch and brightener process for aluminium. Miscible in water and provides a convenient de-smut / de-oxidiser solution.

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High Grade Lead Anodes / Cathodes - £9.00

For use as Cathodes in Anodising and Anodes in  Nickel stripping solutions. 3 off lead anode / cathode and each unit is approximately 150mm x 75mm x 2mm

The 3 combined weight between 650g and 700g and can are drilled, ready to use.

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 1 litre - £9.99

 5 litres - £37.99