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nickel plating salts

Nickel Plating Salts 500g - £8.99

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Nickel Plating Salts provides a base solution to produce a basic nickel deposit. Whilst some online sources will direct you to a concoction of white vinegar and nickel acetate, this product is based upon the same chemistry industrial nickel plating is operated with.

This product contains no plating additives and will produce a natural nickel deposit which can be polished if required or left in its natural state.

Each 500g pack can be diluted to make 1.4 litres of plating solution.

This pack will provide you with all you need to get nickel plating, there’s no need for accurate scales, just a graduated jug and hot water is all you need to make the solution.


Nickel Plating Salts

The items any nickel plater will need to plate are a tank to hold the solution, a heater to warm the solution, nickel anodes, a method to hold the work, a method to hold the anodes and a power source.