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Pickling is a method of surface preparation generally used to remove rusts, oxides and scales prior to electroplating in an acidic solution (but can occasionally be alkaline). Whilst degreasing by various means will remove shop soils which will stop electro-deposition, the process will – in most cases, not remove these oxides and scales.

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Dry Acid Salts

Dry Acid Salts are economical to use, giving a long effective bath life with a reduction in maintenance periods. As the product is a powder, Dry Acid Salts are safe to use and store. The absence of fumes during operation improves working conditions and reduces equipment corrosion.

Dry Acid Salts can be used at ambient or elevated temperatures by either soak or electrolytic application.

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Hydro-Pickle, 1 litre - £10.99

Hydro-Pickle is a formulated, hydrochloric acid based product which is the commonly used material in industrial pickling prior to electroplating. This product contains detergents which assist cleaning and importantly reduce the fumes associated with acid pickling.

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Pickle Aid, 1 litre - £10.99

A formulated detergent solution that is added to concentrated acid pickle baths to aid cleaning and to reduce fumes. A must for any plater who uses a concentrated pickle!

1kg - £9.99

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5kg - £37.99