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Zinc Plating

Zinc is used in electroplating as a sacrificial

coating to protect the underlying base material.

Although zinc plated components are protected

by the zinc coating, it is not the covering itself

that protects underlying materials. Due to

electro-chemical reactions, it is the zinc which

corrodes preferentially to the underlying

material. Whilst being primarily used as a functional deposit, electroplated components can also be decorative and is far less stressful on components than the hot-dip galvanising alternative. Electro-deposition provides a thin coating that is easily controlled, which does not damage fine, machined parts and does not fill up slots and screw holes or obliterate threads and other fine details of work. As an addition measure of protection, zinc plated work can be passivated to withstand conditions of raised humidity.

Below shows a typical process when zinc plating:

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Our all new booklet, Zinc Plating - A Hobbyists Guide, is now available to purchase online. The booklet outlines details of zinc plating and is a useful guide to any home plater, giving information on processes and help to achieve the best possible results.

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