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Welcome to Youplate.co.uk - The home of home plating

On this website you’ll find products and information about electroplating and metal finishing for small scale professional use. We have decades of experience in the metal finishing trade and offer sales and service to industrial metal finishers around the UK and beyond.

We manufacture high grade formulated products as well as supplying quality raw materials. After numerous requests from smaller users for our products we now offer our industrial products for small scale professional use.

Our products are of the highest quality available and the

products you see on these pages are the products

used every single day in industry and have been serving

British industry for many many years. The products  

available here include many traditional formulas but also

many more modern products with modern chemistry which

allows for quality results on an industrial scale.

We have products and materials to electroplate numerous

deposits onto numerous surfaces and hope you’ll find the

contents of these pages informative and the products

available as exciting as we do! Whilst electroplating is a

Simple, basic chemistry, the process itself can be quite

complicated, we hope that with the help of these products

and web pages we can make the process as simple and

effective as possible. If there’s something in particular you

are looking for, please get in touch >>>>>

Some products are for professional users only - we reserve

the right to refuse custom - Please be aware of any products


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