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Zinc Plating Products
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Bright Zinc Plating Solution

A pre-blend of top quality base materials and industry leading brightening and performance additives which give amazing results

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Ammonium Chloride

High grade base material for standard acid zinc plating.

High quality, industrial standard material.

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Potassium Chloride

High grade base material for standard acid zinc plating.

High quality, industrial standard material. A Potassium Chloride based electrolyte is more stable and consistent than an Ammonium Chloride electrolyte and it must contain Boric Acid. The Youplate brightener system available here online will work with both types of chloride, check which system you have before using.

The Youplate Bright Zinc Plating Solution uses Potassium Chloride and Boric Acid.

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High purity, high quality Boric Acid used in electroplating plating solutions. For use in Potassium based baths.

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Boric Acid

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High purity, high quality Zinc Chloride used in electroplating plating solutions.

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Zinc Chloride

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Hyperbrite AZB - Zinc Brightener

The Hyperbrite AZB system is used with both Ammonium or Potassium Chloride electrolyte solutions. The AZB brightener is used to maintain brightness of a solution. Should be used in conjunction with Hyperbrite AZB Make-Up when making new solutions. Used at 3ml / Litre.

Add to Basket 100ml - £3.99 250ml - £6.99 Add to Basket aluminium de smut

Hyperbrite AZB Make Up

Hyperbrite AZB Make-Up is used as a brightener additive when making new solutions. Additions of this product in a small working solution are rare, it is absolutely necessary to use this when mixing a new electrolyte, but unlike other products, the continual addition of both products is not required and therefore more cost effective. Used at an initial dose rate of 30ml / Litre. Should be used in conjunction with Hyperbrite AZB when making new solutions.

Add to Basket 100ml - £3.99 250ml - £6.99 Add to Basket 500ml - £9.99 Add to Basket aluminium de smut

Bright Zinc Plating Kit

A comprehensive kit for a full zinc plating set up. All the chemistry you need for a mini zinc plating line, from preparation, to final finish. Kit contains the following: Power Supply, Copper Wire, Anodes, base salts to make 10 litres of zinc electrolyte (including brightening additives), Clear Passivate, NEW Colour Passivate. (The only thing we do not supply are tanks to put the products in).

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